Why Choose Application Development using Python only?

Do you want to find out why you chose mobile app development using only Python? If yes, then read this guide and get the essential details regarding this process. Python is a high-level programming language that various developers highly prefer due to its beginner-friendly and easy-to-read features.

According to Statista, Python is highly popular among app developers and around 48% of them have been using this language to develop mobile apps effectively’. Dynamic typing and automated memory management are also practical features of Python. It is essential to choose a suitable version of Python for app development using this high-level programming language.

Many developers use Python 3 for its improved functionality, ongoing maintenance, and stronger support. Hiring a leading python development company can help you build the most advanced mobile apps to the next level.

Impact of Python Libraries & Frameworks:

In general, Python has an ecosystem of frameworks & libraries that play a major role in application development. It also includes various modules for various activities such as threading, networking, manipulation and Python Standard Library. The Python community has created a different range of third-party libraries to meet the requirements without any issues.

Some of the popular libraries are mentioned below:

  • Pandas
  • NumPy
  • Scikit-learn
  • Matplotlib and Seaborn

Best Practices for Python to Build Mobile Apps:

It is always best to follow the best practices for application development. Take a look at the below to explore some of the best practices for Python to build mobile apps:

  • Organization & structure of the code

A modular and well-structured codebase must be properly maintained to develop a mobile application using Python for maintainability and scalability. It can create logical modules & packages for the program responsible for certain effective features.

Following the modularity concept at the time of mobile application development using Python is a must. It can let code duplication & make the program simple to read & maintain.


  • Testing & quality assurance

Testing & quality control are the major components of developing mobile apps using Python. This is mainly because they guarantee the dependability and accuracy of the final product.

It has a different range of testing Python frameworks to build mobile applications, such as pytest, doctest, and unit tests. Such frameworks can be used to create and run system & test cases, unit tests, and integration.

  • Scalability & deployment

Consider the requirement for scalability and availability to develop top-notch Python applications. Kubernetes & containerization technologies can provide container orchestration solutions.

Docker provides a scalable & mobile application deployment environment. Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure are the cloud platforms that provide better infrastructure.

You can hire a professional python development company now if you want a proper app development service.

Python App Development Advanced Topics:

A different range of advanced topics is available in Python app development to simplify the significant work. Have a look at the below to know the different advanced topics:

  • Databases interaction

Python provides a different range of frameworks & libraries to interact with databases such as NoSQL databases and SQLite to develop mobile apps using Python. Interacting with databases can be facilitated by ORMs such as SQLAlchemy & Django’s built-in ORM.

  • Microservices architecture

The microservices architecture divides applications built using Python into smaller, loosely linked services. Those services are essential to perform top functionalities.

  • Containerization & devOps

Using top technologies such as Docker for containerization, you can pack your apps with all their customizations and dependencies into a lightweight and portable container. Executing such a task highly guarantees repeatability and consistency in different situations.

  • Serverless computing

Serverless computing allows you to concentrate on creating the code to develop mobile apps using Python by abstracting the infrastructure administration. Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, and Google Cloud Functions are serverless computing solutions that accept Python. Build an event-driven app to scale automatically according to the demand and only charge for the valuable things.

  • Web scraping & automation

Python can be used frequently for various essential tasks that involve automation & web scraping. Libraries such as Scrapy and BeautifulSoup provide practical tools to traverse online pages, parse HTML & collect data from websites. Such features are handy for information aggregation, monitoring, and data collecting.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) applications

IoT apps need Python since it is a beginner-friendly programming language that can adapt to all features. Single-board PCs and microcontrollers can be programmed through libraries such as MicroPython & Adafruit CircuitPython. Professional developers can interact with and connect to sensors, IoT devices, and sensors very quickly due to the robust ecosystem of Python.

Different Types of Apps Developed Using Python:

There are different types of apps developed using Python. Such apps are:

  • Audio-video apps

Building the most advanced audio-video apps using Python is a successful process. Developers use this language to explore audio & video content online. The best Python libraries, like PyDub and OpenCV, can let you develop mobile applications successfully.

  • Game apps

“EVE Online” & Battlefield 2″ are game apps effectively built using Python. Here, developers can quickly create and test the game prototype using Python in real-time. Python can also make game design tools to support the app development process, like creating dialog trees and level designs.

  • Blockchain apps

There is a demand for Blockchain applications these days. Developers use Python to develop these applications very effectively.


From the above scenario, now you have explored why you chose mobile app development using only Python. Hire a professional python development company and build necessary applications without further delay. The company has skilled developers and lets you get better app development services.